MANAGEMENT: Rajeev Dharmapurikar
DUKE INVENTORS: Nandan Lad, Ziad Gellad

Manage My Surgery (MMS) is developed by Higgs Boson, LLC and is a revolutionary application which navigates the patient through all phases of their surgical procedure. It provides a secure and HIPAA-compliant mobile platform which fosters communication between the patient, practice, and care provides. We have created different modules in Gastroenterology, Neuromodulation and Spine.

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An overwhelming body of evidence has shown that patients who are more actively engaged in their care experience better health outcomes and incur lower costs. Preparation for an upcoming procedure can be a stressful process for a patient. Can I eat 24 hours prior? When do I stop my medications? How early do I need to arrive? Can I drive home? What type of pain can I expect post-procedure? Manage My Surgery provides real-time answers to these questions and more via a robust and user-friendly tool which empowers the patient throughout the life-cycle of the procedure. It provides patients, family members and providers reminders, checklists and procedure-specific information on one integrated mobile platform.

Higgs Boson, LLC consists of a team of seasoned physicians, surgeons (including 2 Duke faculty members) and information technology professionals who believe that the right data, in the right hands, at the right time can improve patient satisfaction and provide better outcomes.

Mobile Application

Prepped is a mobile application that generates helpful, timely suggested questions for patients and caregivers to ask their clinical providers. The app uses a strength in numbers in approach – Prepped crowdsources questions submitted by national experts, patients, caregivers and other users to recommend the best questions for the patient based on the patient’s profile and where they are in the disease process. Current versions of Prepped are focused on patients with cancer and/or COPD