Precision BioSciences Announces Closing of IPO

Closed IPO of 9,085,000 shares of common stock at $16.00 per share, for approximately $145.4 million

A Busy Year for Duke New Ventures

Research is the seed capital for creating knowledge to foster innovation: FY19 Annual Report for Duke New Ventures

The Rapid Growth of Digital Innovations at Duke

From the rise of the internet to a booming digital economy: FY19 Annual Report in Software

“Deep Sepsis” Licensed to Cohere Med

Cohere Med licenses technology from Duke to drive adoption of early Sepsis detection using AI

PhaseBio IPO Values BioPharma Company at $46M

PhaseBio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company founded by Duke inventors Drs. Chilkoti and Setton

Duke’s 1st Venture Day

Venture Day Showcased 8 Duke Start-ups in Biotech & Therapeutics

Hungry for Innovation: Notable Project Stems from MEDx Dinner

Gastroenterology and engineering professionals brainstormed engineering solutions to medical problems

Echodyne’s Role in 1st FAA Approved Out-of-Site Drone Flight

The Bill Gates-backed company relies on metamaterials technology developed out of David Smith Labs

Accessible Quantum Computing Just Around the Corner

Immense computing power on the cloud may not be far off, says IonQ COO.

Phitonex Launches NovaFluor Dyes Enabling High-Res Analysis

New dyes developed on the NovaFluor platform enable researchers to radically increase in the number of scientific questions they can answer

Chip Lets Robots “Imagine” Their Actions Before Moving

Robots that can rapidly plan out their movements could accelerate factory automation—and help keep fragile humans safe.

Enzyvant: FDA Acceptance of Biologics License Application

Enzyvant has an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Duke to develop RVT-802 developed by M. Louise Markert, M.D., Ph.D.

New Ag Tool: Plant Hormone that Speeds Root Growth

Scientists have identified a plant hormone, beta-cyclocitral, that makes tomato and rice plant roots grow faster and branch more

HARVEY Helps Move Bioprinted Organs Closer to Reality

Supercomputer code successfully models behavior of interwoven vasculature created with new 3D printing technique

Lab-grown Tissue Patch Could Fix Ailing Hearts

A bioengineer from Duke has been developing a “patch” that could take the place of the cells destroyed by a heart attack