Calidar is developing 4D mammography technologies for in-human use.

Centaur Bio

Centaur Bio is developing technology that enhances the delivery of drugs and other compounds to the brain and other tissues for a variety of indications, including in oncology and central nervous system diseases.

Confluence Water Advisors

Confluence Water Advisors is commercializing a database built up from rates published by water utilities across the nation, the first of its kind, which can be used by industry to plan a variety of water service projects with an eye toward sustainability and equity.


Coprata is developing a “smart toilet” to conduct in-line specimen sampling and analysis, allowing for better tracking of individual health as well as public health applications through wastewater analysis.


EydisBio is developing a platform of small molecule therapeutics targeting a variety of diseases driven by aberrant inflammatory/autoimmune processes.


Lullabee is developing a smart crib mattress that teaches children to become better sleepers.

Lux One Technology

Lux One Technology is developing cellular resolution endoscopic imaging systems for in-vivo use.


Metabosensor is developing a device and approaches to integrate metabolic data from patients to enable better precision medicine.

Navi Co.

Navi Co. is developing digital workflow technology for managing entrepreneurship cohort coaching.

Paxos Medical

Paxos Medical is a neuromodulation startup focused on bringing peace to the lives of patients with pelvic heath disorders.

Piximune Therapeutics

Piximune Therapeutics is developing a novel class of antibodies designed to upregulate the innate neuroprotective mechanisms within the human retina to treat a broad range of retinal degenerative conditions, including dry AMD.


Spoolyard is developing an interactive platform for creating, remixing, and sharing audiovisual experiences.

Torque Bio

Torque Bio is developing circular mRNA expression systems for gene therapy.


Vimana, the first startup out of the Duke-nference collaboration, is developing a multimodal generative AI platform to accelerate the development of precision diagnostics and therapies for neurological disorders.

VivaMed NMDA Solutions

VivaMed NMDA Solutions is developing rapastinel into an opioid use disorder treatment.