New antibiotic that kills bacteria by inhibiting a particular enzyme involved in the synthesis of bacterial outer membrane

Skin Check 360

Minimizing the risk of wrong-site skin cancer surgery by utilizing smart devices and computer vision technology.

Upstream Biotechnology

Developing broad-spectrum disease-resistant crops to eliminate pesticide use, reduce production costs, and increase crop yield


Software to simulate X-ray scanner performance

Qatch Technologies

Microfluidic instrumentation that prescreens injectability and manufacturability of biopharmaceutical drugs to de-risk the preclinical phase in the drug development process

Tellus Therapeutics

Developing novel small molecules derived from human maternal breast milk for the treatment of newborns with perinatal brain injury


The Hydrean is a mindful tool designed for use by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Its tactile features link to simple prompts that guide your awareness towards intentional living.

LVM Biosciences

Small molecule therapeutics for treatment of epilepsy

inSoma Bio, Inc.

Protein matrix to stabilize autologous fat grafts

Tumult Labs

Algorithm and software platform that systematically de-identifies data such that original data cannot be reconstructed


Next-generation micro-organosphere technology for precision cancer therapy

Avalo Biosciences

Enhancing crop breeding with gene discovery, powered by machine learning


A new “intelligent” computational microscope to automate blood analysis and open up new diagnostic possibilities


Developing a low waste incinerator for feminine hygiene products


High throughput genetic modifications via CRISPR

Calla Health Foundation

Centered on sustainably improving women’s access to cancer prevention for global impact

Pluto Health

Smart health platform to gather information for the patient