MANAGEMENT: Mike Standinsky
DUKE INVENTOR: Alvin Lebeck, Chris Dwyer

Phitonex, Inc. is bringing a new way of thinking about fluorescence and experimental design to the life science laboratory. We will transform the way light is used in life science with a first focus on single cells, the fundamental unit of health and disease.

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We have developed a platform that allows us to deterministically engineer optical properties to provide high resolution analysis of single cells by flow cytometry, and in the future, other applications. Lower noise, less spectral overlap, and fluorescence-by-design means that our dyes immediately unlock a higher number of parameters across current instrumentation and provide unmatched cell population resolution to drive enhanced biological insight.

We are also the first team to develop, design, and validate spectral dyes.

laptop image of phitonex product showing before and after

Phitonex uses a DNA nanotechnology platform to create highly customizable, deterministic fluorescent nanoparticles called Phitons™. This platform enables rapid innovation of labels across the spectrum with high FRET efficiencies, minimized cross-excitation, and reduced spectral spillover.

Our line of NovaFluor™ labels provide cleaner fluorescence signals with reduced cross-excitation for maximizing channel utilization.

Our upcoming InfiniFluors™ offer custom spectral signatures for greater multiplexing in spectral cytometers.